Saturday, March 2, 2013

Natural testosterone boosters vs. steroids

There is a lot of info out there these days about low "T". What this is is low testosterone in men. It occurs with age but there are many natural alternatives that you can utilize before turning to drugs. The problem with drugs is that it is like filling a tire with a hole in it the more you put in the more you need. This does not even include the whole myriad of side effects of the drug versions of testosterone which include everything from growing boobs to cancer. If you use the clinically proven natural boosters you will have a much better time with the increase. This is because your body is in control and not the drug company. Your body will still be able to utilize its checks and balances. This will save you on most side effects and still leave you in the realm of natural. I have covered both fenugreek and tribilius which are both natural testosterone boosters in my blog already. Just look them up. If you have some sort of problem with these I will be covering more in the future so stay posted. Train hard until next time.