Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Divide and conquer !!

I was looking at a very common factor that I think will help many people to improve their success with their training. This factor is overlooked by many. Some more advanced people may be doing it already slightly without even realizing it. What I am talking about is dividing up things in your training regiment to make them work better for you. When I actually stopped and looked wt how much of this I am doing with my own training program I was surprised myself. I have sound reasoning behind why I divide what I divide. For instance I will divide all of my body into different sections. I only train certain sections on certain days. This allows me to focus on the body part itself and truly work it out hard. Another thing I like to do is split my rest days. I think that two rest days together are too many. Part of the whole reasoning behind splitting up body parts is that the ones that are not being used can rest until their next scheduled day. And lastly I split up the times of day that I do cardio from the time of day that I do weights. My first cardio is in the morning before breakfast. The only other time I do cardio is on those two split rest days. So far treating my routine this way has served me pretty well. Everything fits together better and seems to work better. So I would advise you to try some dividing in your own routine and see how it works for you. Until next time.