Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stress loves company and it feeds on your health!!

So I just got done with my last meal for today. I had turkey and green beans. Some people find it stressful to make meals. I don't think it's stressful I actually enjoy to make my own meals because I know what I'm going to get out of my meals. I know that I will be able to get all the protein I need to continue training properly. I think there's many things to be said about stressing and training. Just trying to fix the fact that stress can destroy your training and help you avoid the pitfalls of stress. One must not stress too much. If you choose to hang out with people that cause you stress you're going to stress and you also suffer the consequences stressing. Instead of choosing to hang out with people that cause stress you should choose to hang out with people that do not cause stress and for you will have better potential to reach your training goals. That is another factor that you can control in your life just like your diet and training. If you do not believe me look up the stress hormone cortisol. If you can control these factors it will increase your potential for better training better results. If you think you can't bring me a bucket of stress. So don't become company with people who are energy vampires and want to drag you down keep you focused on negativity. Stick with your goals and stay positive calm throughout your pursuit whatever it may be and it will make your goal much easier to attain. So stress loves company then just don't give it any and continue to pursue your goals and hang out positive good people it'll help you take your goals to a new level. If you like my posts please follow me on Twitter, Facebook and on blogger course.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

What is the cheapest fat burner? It is free belive it or not!

Many people keep asking me how to burn fat and what needs to be done to accomplish this task in their life. So I tell them about the benefits of cardio and when to do it for maximum effect. But there is one ingredient that many people forget and do not consider in their training regiments. That ingredient is water. I know you are probably thinking what the heck does he mean water. Here is the deal your body holds a lot of fluid. It is mostly make of water. If your body is not getting enough water and you are dehydrated you will suffer. Your body will not recuperate from training and your muscle gain/ weight loss goals cannot be met. So what do you do then go to the gym and drink an entire gallon of water as you work out? Heck no. Think of this as a daily thing you should during your goal of water through out the day this will keep your body hydrated once it is hydrated it will loose a lot of the fluid that it is holding. Once this happens it will put your metabolism in a good state to continue to gain muscle and burn fat because you are no longer dehydrated. Water the most over looked fat burning tool on the planet. If you like this post tell you friends about us and sign up for email reminders of new posts on the blog. Thanks.

Myostatin inhibitors product review and explanation

I recently wrote an article about myostatin inhibitors and felt that I needed to write a second article to clarify some things. I listed the two different products for this and explained the types of compounds that they use to inhibit the myostatin. As far as the folistatin oral products go I am very skeptical still of these products and still think that the body breaks down all of the protein into amino acids therefore making the globular protein just another source of protein and not viable inhibitor.  The other product however (cystoseria canariensis)therte have been several products containing this extract (Myostim, FRACTION-C™, MYOZAP™ and CSP3™ to name a few. I did try the myostim product by Champion Nutrition. I did feel a good pump but the product also contained some other ingredients that were not inhibitors. I am still not sure if it as the combination or just the inhibitor that were causing these pumps. None the less the product did show some pretty good results for me. I think these effects may be because of the other ingredients or maybe some sort of placebo effect. As I said in my previous post the sceince does not lie and it says in the body the subjects tested had no decrease in myostatin levels. So before you go and burn your hard earned cash on such things as I did in the past do your homework. I tell it like it is and that is how this is.If you like that approach don't forget to follow us and check out our sponsors. Tell your friends to. Thanks.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Do Myostatin blockers work?

 This dog was born without the gene that produces myostatin.

 Here is the deal with the myostatin blockers. They basically fit into two categories. The first category is one that comes from brown sea algae. This compound is said to bind to myostatin in a test tube.  There is one big problem there. The compound has to get past the acids of your stomach and your intestines to make it inside your system. I can remember some supplement companies putting a coating on the pills to bypass the effects of the stomach acid. Even with that considered though there is no research suggesting the compound itself can make it through the small intestine into the system intact. So I do not believe the inhibiting effects will be felt because the compound never gets in your system.
 This is a cow missing the same gene for myostatin.

The second type of product being offered now is a compound called follistatin. This is a globular protein produced in eggs. I am sure that all of the products contain vast amounts of this protein and that is great but only one problem. Our digestive system again is  designed to break down nutrients into smaller components to be digested. Folistatin being a protein is no exception to this. It will be broken down to its amino acid matrix like any other protein consumed unless something is done to prevent this break down from occurring. As far as I can tell the only way to get this blocker effectively into the system would be injection. There is only one product designed by a pharmaceutical company for this and it was supposed to help MS patients it has since been stopped. There product was designed for injection as well. If they could have made it effectively orally I am sure that they would have. Don't forget to follow us.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Keep consistent and you will find success even during the holidays!!

I know its hard during the holidays to keep consistent with your training. It is very important for you to keep consistent with your training. The only thing that will guarantee success when training is consistency. This can be difficult during the time the holidays because of food, training, time ect. This is not an excuse to stop training stopped in your feeling you won't be able to succeed you can use the extra food and nutrition to actually increase your intake of protein you change during your training soit can become beneficial close to counter productive. This is the focus is you should maintain an order to continue your proper training process throughout the holiday season. Wish you the best continue training hard and keep your focus. I believe big time in during a negative thing into a positive thing. There's no reason but the holidays should be negative towards you training. It should be a positive time for you and your family. So use whatever techniques you need this is Terry to make this time a good time for your training and your family. You can turn negative connotation of the holidays positive production for your training.I personally always look at the holidays as a good time to put on size. This is the perfect time the train hard and gain size.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Enjoy the Holidays eat well and train hard !!

We all know it is the time for the holidays and that means lots of good food. Nothing wrong with that but don't waste a good opportunity. Put some of those extra calories and nutrients where they belong. In your muscles. I was sent a cool picture. It reminded me of what the holidays are for me. ENJOY!! Happy holidays everyone.