Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Illinois State Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships!!!

Illinois State Natural
Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bolingbrook High School
365 Raider Way
Bolingbrook , IL 60440
Contest Info

Special Info

Mixed Pairs
Physically Challenged
Ms. Fitness
Ms Physique
Ms. Figure
Classic Figure
Bikini Divas
Model Search
Kids and Teen Fitness
Contest includes all classes

Entry forms must be recieved two weeks prior to the competition date!

For Further
Information Contact

John Hansen

5 Years Drug Free
Qualifer for Ms. Fitness USA

Main show:
Cash ONLY at the Door! _________________________

Spray Tanning:
Whitnie Fender
(618) 780-9757

Monday, April 9, 2012

The #1 Reason You Aren't Losing Weight | Yahoo! Health

 This is a good article highlighting a lot of things people don't even think about most of the time. You are going through your daily grind and think you are making healthy good food choices but just check out some of these figures!!! They are pretty alarming for so called healthy food. Check out the article good info.

The #1 Reason You Aren't Losing Weight | Yahoo! Health

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NATURAL BODYBUILDING 2009 Sunshine state classic Overall mens manditory ...

Healthy Foods You Aren't Eating | Yahoo! Health

 Here is some good information on some "food swaps" that can be made. What they are are healthy food choices to replace the less than healthy alternatives. Everyone should be eating as much of the whole natural food that you can get. Good organic fruits and vegetables are essential to good health and vitality. I believe this article will give you the information that you need to make some better choices and benefit from them. Check it out!!!

Healthy Foods You Aren't Eating | Yahoo! Health

Monday, April 2, 2012

9 Spices With Super Healing Powers | Yahoo! Health

 This is a good article outlining some really healthy spices that can help your body heal. People do not really know a lot about these things these days. Most people eat from some fast food place and don't even know how to cook anymore. There is a reason that these spices are used in cooking for so long and it is not just to flavor the food. Check it out.

9 Spices With Super Healing Powers | Yahoo! Health

Is sugar toxic???

There is a debate going on about weather sugar is toxic. Well this is the way that I see it. There are a lot of food products these days that have a lot of sugar in them. When I say a lot I mean WAY TO MUCH!!! You can simply look at the label and see how many grams of sugar there are in a given product you want to eat. I do not care weather it is fructose, sucrose or whatever ose it is sugar. Our bodies are not designed to process vast quantities of sugar like a humming bird. If you don't believe me eat something that contains a lot of sugar and then eat a piece of fruit. The fruit will taste bland or even bitter. Do you know why? It is because your sense of taste has been so over whelmed by all the sugar in the processed product you just consumed. Another problem with eating all this sugar is insulin. Not only can it cause you to become diabetic but it will also cause you to age rapidly. When your body released insulin in vast quantities it causes oxidation of your cells during the insulin/sugar uptake process. There are several studies that have shown this to happen. When your cells oxidize they are being damaged. Just cut an apple and watch it turn brown. That is oxidation in real time. So to answer the question is sugar toxic? I would say only in large quantities and over a long period of time. The sugar itself is not the toxin it is the way people over indulge and their excess that cause the bad side effects. Then again if you are forced to drink a bathtub of water I think it would probably kill you to.