Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keep the faith!! Strong spirit, Strong mind, Strong body!!!

One of the things I haven't touched on in a while is the importance of what I call whole conditioning. In order to continue on towards your goals you have to keep a positive outlook. But beyond even that you have to also condition your mind and spirit. It seems the more and more I go on in life and the more and more I see people broken and defeated by life's trivial things. Heaven forbid you try to talk with them about it because then you will awaken their inner crybaby. This is the opposite of what I am talking about. This is proof that the person has been coddled their entire life and everyone has provided that shoulder to cry on. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP!!! the second you tell yourself that it is ok to feel this way you are allowing yourself to become weak in spirit and mind. Then it will be alright when you slack or fail at everything else without trying because you are only human. Right? WRONG!! Do not drink the Jim Jones!! I am going to give you the antidote now. Instead of conditioning yourself for weakness do the opposite. Condition for strength in all parts of your being. A good place to start is to stand up for what you believe and feel and say no. Not only to yourself but to others who you disagree with. In fact I challenge you to stand up for yourself. The next time someone tries to change your mind about something or you try to talk yourself out of doing something that will enrich your life say HELL NO!!! And go for it with everything you've got. Keep up this conditioning and you will get used to being strong instead of weak you will truly begin to live. One of the best ways to express this is through physical training. If you are so burned out and tired from sitting at your desk all day and want to go home and sit in front of your tv until you pass out on you sofa or maybe sit at your favorite bar until you pass out or...Wait on damn minute... That is right tell these bad habits to go to hell were they belong and punish your body for feeling that way in the gym. Trust me you will thank yourself for it later. Ever wonder why overweight, lazy people make such little things such a big deal? Their entire life is petty and miserable due to bad habits just like I mentioned. That's why. They are one stress filled burger inspired rage away from their personal apocalypse. It's time to be strong and take your life by the reins and go. Remember you only get one to live. this is no video game.