Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is your trainer hurting or helping you?

I see a lot of people these days with personal trainers. With all of this training going on I can't help but think what is your trainer doing for you. Do not get me wrong these trainers are not always bad. But you have to ask yourself something. What do you really want? If your trainer is really good they will help you to achieve your goals no matter what. So if you tell your trainer I want to get bigger for instance. And the response is that you have to first loose weight to get bigger. Do not drink the cool-aid!! There are ways to get bigger and gain muscle mass. Maybe this particular individual does not know how.  I will never forget my first experience in the gym looking at the trainers. Here is this guy who looks like he is 9 months pregnant telling all the women that he has under him to run machine circuits all day. Way to pay attention to detail. Remember what I said. Or there is the guy who thinks that the key to get in shape is to look like the last contestant on survivor. What the f@#$. I think these guys need their head examined. Sure you to can get in killer shape. Just eat two grains of rice every day and drink juice with your vitamins. Don't forget to do tons of cardio on top of it. The more you look like you are starving to death the more in shape you are. You will look real shredded just like a slim Jim is shredded exactly like a slim Jim actually. Is that shredded? I guess my point is if you need a trainer get a good one. Find someone that motivates you towards your goals. The best trainer for your body is you. It is your body after all. Just listen to it.

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