Sunday, March 3, 2013

Natural bodybuilder and strongman leg presses 1110 lbs(504.4 Kg) for 9 reps!!

I was in the mood to shoot a video at the end of my leg routine today. I always finish my workout with leg presses. I know a lot of people claim that leg presses are easy and that they are not a good exercise for strength training. But there is a reason that I like to use them. Instead of going that heavy all the time on the squat bar I choose to use the leg press in order to use the weight and lessen my risk of injury. I understand that the leg sled uses a 45 degree angle. And if you know anything about simple machines that means that you are utilizing half of the 90 degree squatting angle. So the percentage of weight you are actually lifting is more like %60 if you were squatting. One thing I do to pre - fatigue my legs is to do my front and back squats first before the leg pressing. Your legs are a large well established muscle group that needs to be hit hard when you train them. Here is a link to the video check it out.

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