Friday, March 8, 2013

Deadlifts seperating the men from the boys!!

I have started to incorporate good heavy dead lift back into my training regiment. There seems to be too many people who are afraid of this exercise. It reminds me of when I talk about doing legs and squatting. The first thing you hear is "bad back" or "Bad knees" or some other sorry excuse that is worthless. I have news for you all that bad this and bad that talk will lead you to a bad physique and a weak body. Dead lifts are an awesome strength building power exercise. They use so many muscles at the same time and sometimes they make you feel like you have done an entire body workout. I know when I am doing a heavy tire lift that it reminds me or dead lifting. I am not talking about cosmetic stiff leg dead lifting either I am talking about good heavy dead lifts. I have a good idea why some of these "gyms" these days have even banned doing these sort of exercises. They want you to be dependent on coming in and doing the same stupid machine circuits. They know these circuits will keep you coming back in. They will also make you slightly stronger than a five year old. If you want to attain real strength and move ahead of the pack it takes heavy multi-joint movements just like the dead lift. If you don't like someone getting worked up and excited to get their lift and would like a quiet peaceful place to hang around, go to church!! Gyms are for training!!Train hard until next time.