Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Natural supplements that can rival steroids!!?

I have been training for a long time and have learned a lot through out this journey. One think that has rung true is that there is a dirty secret that many of the training community don't like to talk about. And this secret encompass all of the training community from gym rats to golfers. What I am talking about is steroid abuse. And it is rampant through out the training community. Here is the deal. You read about all these different athletes and how good they are. You see them on TV and in the magazines endorsing different supplements. But do they even use these "supplements" and if they do what else are they using? That is the elephant in the room for them. Ask that question and watch the sweat pour and the nerves start. If they are not tested by WADA standards then they are using steroids!!! Talk to the people who only use supplements and you will truly find out what works. Don't rely on word from someone that is using banned substances and can't tell you from a drug free stand point. One of the most simple and effective natural supplements that you can take for increasing your testosterone naturally is ZMA. I have several posts detailing it . All I will tell you is that it is clinically backed and %100 natural. This is the perfect start. If you mix it with a good creatine supplement it would be a good stack.