Saturday, March 16, 2013

Do Not skip Leg day!!

Many people tend to neglect leg day. They get obsessed with there upper bodies and totally neglect doing their legs. I do not know if this is because it is heavy training or they take it for granted but either way they always seem to let leg day go.  Well I am here to tell you that leg day is important. Your legs root you to the ground they are your foundation. Another benefit to doing your legs is that you have just in effect trained half of your entire body. The amount of anabolic things this can trigger are almost uncountable. So there you have it. Half of your physique and the most anabolic thing you can do for your body. You should be excited to do legs now. Leg strength is essential in order to truly become really strong. In order to accomplish many fundamental lifts with any weight you need to strengthen your legs. Unless you would just like to jump up and down all day like some sort of ballerina or something. Anyway. Legs are essential for dead-lifts. squats, farmers carry, yolks, clean and jerk, ect. So stop whining and get some legs on!! This is a picture of me doing a farmers carry 240lbs(109Kg) per hand no straps just grip. I went 80 feet in right around 20 seconds remember the total weight was 480 lbs( 218 Kg) trust me it took leg strength. So like I said stop readoing and start training!!!

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