Sunday, March 17, 2013

Best shoulder work out for cannon ball delts!!!

I think there are many people who neglect their shoulders. They are a rather small body part in comparison to others and they get secondary stimulation from doing back and chest workouts. Before you count them out you should consider some things first. The deltoids are an excellent muscle for increasing the width of your shoulders. The wider your shoulders look the wider you will look. This width will enhance your v- taper look and make it even more v shaped than your back can alone.
So here we go the big question. What is the best way to train shoulders. My favorite way to train my shoulders is in a three movement circuit. I start doing Arnold presses. These are simply a modified dumbbell shoulder press. You start with your palms in and rotate them as you go up. Immediately after I go right into side lateral raises and Immediately after that I do rear delt flys.  I do not rest between movements it is one right after the other. I only rest when the circuit of three is complete. I do however add in shoulder presses between the circuits. These are the key exercises to stimulate the delts. I believe the reason is that they stimulate each part of the delt the front, back and rear. Give this a shot and see what you think.

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