Saturday, July 27, 2013

Will eating before bed make you fat?

This is a big question for many people. It is not as simple as it seems. Just eating by itself will not make you fat. It is more what you eat later in the day that will make you fat or not. Lets take a look at the facts. You are probably planning to sleep when your evening approaches right?  So if you eat say a lot of complex carbohydrates for instance your body will not use them due to the fact that you are sleeping. Sleeping does not require a lot of glycogen. So your liver converts they glycogen into fat as you sleep. A better approach at this time of day would be to eat protein with fibrous carbohydrates. A prime example would be a chicken salad or turkey salad ect. The reason I say this is because the protein will be used to repair your muscles from training and the fibrous carbohydrates will just add fiber to your diet. A very small amount of the protein could be converted to fat but it is a very small amount and much harder than converting the carbohydrates for your body. So carb up early and eat lighter later. And don't forget to subscribe or follow us. Thanks.

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