Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Six pack abs and how to really achieve them.

There is so much hype out there about hot to get a six pack. How do you get those abs to show after all? Well there are two real factors that you have to consider. These two factors are body fat and muscle tone. Since the abdominal area of your stomach is made of muscles they need tone to be seen. If you have no muscle tone in your abs then no matter how lean you get you will only have a flat stomach with no muscle tone. With that being said, you could have the greatest washboard in the universe and if you have it covered in fat it will only look like a belly. So what do you do then? Well you have to combine exercising the abs and burning fat at the same time. If you are already really lean then you can focus more on exercising the ab muscles. If you are overweight then you need to work on loosing the fat while maintaining your muscle tone. You are the only one that knows were you are when it come to these categories. You have to take a good real look at your self and start a plan of attack. I will give you another bit of advice. Your abs are like your calf's they need high volume to respond because you already use them a lot.  So witch ever exercise you do choose make sure to do them more than just once or twice a week. Train them once and then as soon as you are recovered train them again. Don't forget to do your cardio if you need to loose some weight at least three days a week. Also don't forget to subscribe or follow us. Thanks.

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