Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Good Fatty oils" More than meets the eye!

There are several good fatty oils for your body. These substances are referred to as fatty acids or omega fats but they are naturally in oil form so I call them fatty oils. What ever you want to call them I call them amazing. They can help almost every system in the body. They are associated with everything from helping with joints, heart disease and repairing the Myolyn sheath around nerves ect. I do realize that some of these claim are a bit of a stretch but how can one compound be associated with so many things? Well there are several reasons there are several articles that show the blood thinning and cholesterol lowering abilities of these oils. Most people take them for there heart health as a matter of fact. Whatever you take them for they seem to be an essential part of the diet that everyone should be taking advantage of.
Here is most of the hype when it comes to the supplement side of things. People will tell you that animal sources are better than plant sources and vise verse. Here is the deal just get on a supplement you like and stick to it.  This is the way to keep things going in a positive direction. I am sure that your body does not care if it comes from a plant or animal. Most of this is probably hype. One thing that isn't hype is the essential fatty oils ability to burn fat. These compounds are known for there fat burning ability. This is sited on many different studies. There are other fatty oils with a stronger affinity for this fat burning ability such as CLA. This is a well known fat burning supplement. It has also been shown to have other benefits. Just like the omega fatty oils that I have been discussing up to this point. So go get some fish or flax oil your body will thank you in many ways. Don't forget to follow my site via email or Google plus.

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