Saturday, July 20, 2013

What is most important Diet or training?

Well I am here to tell you there are as many thing that are important to both of those as you can imagine. You need enough good nutrients and water to keep your muscles going. If you do not "feed the machine" as they say. It will not work. It is simple physics and physiology of your body. But you have to keep a quite important thing in mind. What is that thing? Well all food contains calories and these calories are designed to be converted into energy by our bodies. If you are not active and "feeding the machine" you will become fat. Your body has developed to do this as a survival mechanism. It will convert proteins into carbs and carbs into fats and ect. So the training is just as important to keep those nutrients going to the right place. Any program at any level when it comes to the training. The key to keeping the program going is consistency. Do not quit. Do not give up and keep pushing yourself. So the long and short of it is that each one is fifty percent. If you are doing one without the other you are only half way there. Keep it up and don't forget to follow us. Thanks.

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