Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Biogenesis, Steroids and Baseball

Well here we go again another scandal concerning baseball and steroids. When are people going to learn that if you compete in a W.A.D.A(world anti doping agency) regulated sport. Which baseball falls under by the way. Steroids are considered cheating. Yes I said cheating. If you are using these performance enhancing substances and it is against the rules you are cheating. We have to get rid of this ridiculous code of silence that the medical community keeps starting with these major league players. If you are giving steroids to a healthy athlete you are no better than a drug dealer. Last time it was signature pharmacy and this time it is biogenesis and who will it be next time? I guess it doesn't really matter since they are only getting suspended for cheating and not thrown out of the sport. I know that if I cut in line at Disney or some other theme park they would throw me out for cheating all those people in line. So what is going on here? I am so tired of the nobody cares attitude and he can hit the ball and all the other hype and hoopla. It does not matter. All that stuff means nothing if the person is willing to undermine the entire sport and its players. I am sure that there are a lot of murders and rapists doing time in prison that have good skills at certain sports to. So lets let them out and look the other way because they have skills. When will it stop? Enough is enough these people need to realize that they are role models whether they want to accept it or not and need to be held to a high standard. What do you think? What should happen to them?
Here is alist of players and penalties as reported By Jeff Passan From Yahoo sports.
MLB set 50 games as a baseline for players involved with Biogenesis, sources said, and those who did not cooperate during the investigation agreed to receive additional penalties of double-digit games.
With the players who already have been suspended for positive tests attributed to Biogenesis products (Bartolo Colon, Yasmani Grandal and Melky Cabrera) likely avoiding suspension, nine known players and more whose names have not been reported are almost certain to take plea deals, sources said.
The biggest names are Detroit shortstop Jhonny Peralta and Texas outfielder Nelson Cruz, both of whom are free agents this offseason. The incentive to take deals is great for each in spite of how it may affect their teams during the playoff hunt. The possibility of a longer suspension for not cooperating would greatly affect their market value as a free agent – especially with a potential 100-game suspension hanging over their heads. A large group of players agreeing to similar suspensions could be seen around baseball more as a necessary penalty for a mistake than selfish team abandonment.
Other players who could take the pleas include: San Diego shortstop Everth Cabrera, New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli, three minor leaguers (Jesus Montero, Cesar Puello and Fernando Martinez) and two free agents (Jordan Norberto and Fautino De Los Santos).
MLB’s hardline stance on Rodriguez has not produced similar results. His refusal to agree to a significant suspension – at least 100 games, far longer than Braun’s or any of the other players’ – prompted Selig to pull out the nuclear option of a workaround to prevent him from playing.
Selig potentially resorting to such tactics, even if they are a bluff, miffed a number of players on the MLB Players Asssociation’s executive board, sources said. The union’s cooperation throughout the Biogenesis investigation has been paramount to the pursuit of suspensions, and Selig could run the risk of starting a massive fight with the union if Rodriguez continues to refuse to negotiate.
By circumventing the drug agreement, MLB could prevent Rodriguez from playing immediately rather than allowing him to play as an arbitrator hears his appeal on the Biogenesis-related suspension.
Rodriguez’s lawyer, David Cornwell, told ESPN radio on Monday that he plans on appealing any suspension.
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