Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Fat Sniper" Training guide!!

That is right. You read it right I am going to give you a few tips on how to become a fat sniper. What do I mean by a fat sniper. Well a sniper is like a surgeon in the battlefield he can take out a very specific target at various ranges. So will give you some steps on how to do this to your fat. I can make you a "Fat sniper".
One of the biggest misnomers people get into is that they need to cardio for 30 minutes or more to burn fat. This is not true. And current research is actually showing the contrary. Actually there are some forms of cardio that will destroy your basal(resting) metabolism. Just check is your cardio making you fat. There is an in depth explanation of this there. A very easy way to think of it is to think of long distance runners and think of sprinters. They are both lean but one look very skinny. It is the long distance guy. Why is this? It is because he is employing more of a machine gun method to fat loss rather than sniping. He has no fat but no much muscle either.
 So here is the deal you need to target just your fat so you don't kill your muscle gains. This is going to sound crazy but you want to do your cardio  in shorter durations using greater intensity. The first thing people think is that there is no way that you can burn the same amount of fat in a shorter time. Right?Wrong. If you walk or run a mile you still burn the same amount of calories. One method just takes longer. Another part of the "fat sniper" training is not just selecting your target but choosing the right time to inflict the most damage. To accomplish this you need to strike right after you wake up. Why do you ask? Because your body only has fat for fuel at this time. Please drink plenty of water as it has no calories for your body to use.
Now that you know you can start to implement these "fat sniper" techniques and start taking that fat out. Dont' forget to spread the good news to your family and friends who need help. You can subscribe by e- mail or google plus me for more updates.

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