Thursday, July 18, 2013

The strength and size stigma

There has always been a strength and size stigma in the world of weight lifting. You have all of these guys who are genuinely afraid to burn fat and think if they loose any weight that they will turn into Pee Wee Herman or something. Well that is far from the truth. Fat is not productive. All fat is there to do is store energy. It does not give you any added strength advantage at all. So why are all these guys so weight conscious? Well here is the deal. If you loose weight too fast like most people do your body will also loose muscle mass. If you loose muscle mass you get weaker right. So the only solution to the problem is to loose weight slowly. If you loose it slowly you will be able to retain more of your muscle mass so you can retain most of your strength. In order to be successful at this you have to target your fat. By doing this you will breed an environment that is conducive to burning fat and building muscle. So the weight is not so important it is the body mass that is important. Muscle has always weighed more than fat. So there is more mass in muscle than there is in fat and you will look better. So why be so focused on weight? Focus on your body mass instead.

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