Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prep NOW!!! Dangers of food perservatives!!!

There are a lot of food preservatives out there and not all of them are extremely bad for you. A lot of the early ones were different kinds of salts and things like this. But if you actually look on the back of the label and see what you are putting in your bodies you will see a lot more than just salts. One that recently caught my attention is one called TBHQ. This is how it is presented on the label of you food packaging. So I did some research and found out something very interesting. TBHQ is an excellent preservative for many packaged processed foods. Why is it so good at preserving the food you may ask? Oh that's because it is chemically similar to butane. Yes I said butane as in lighter fluid. I suppose they could increase the shelf life even longer by adding benzine(Gasoline). It is totally alright though do not worry. The Federal people only allow them to use this as less than two percent of the total volume of the item. Wow that makes me feel better you wont just die right away that wouldn't be good for business. Instead you keep on eating I am sure your body knows what to do with butane anyway maybe you can be the next human torch or something.

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