Friday, January 18, 2013

Live don't just be alive!!!

Many times I sit here after a hard days work and type things and info on how to lose fat. Or which exercise works best for you for a certain effect. One thing I usually don't cover very often at all is your outlook. In order to maximize your potential when you are training for a certain goal you have to have intensity there. The only thing that will actually remind you that you are alive and not just living or existing is your passion and drive for what you like to do. So why am I talking about this now? Well I have a lot of people tell me every day that they cannot stay focused or continue with there training. Right behind that comes a googleplex of excuses. I have news for all my fellow people who are used to doing this. There is never any excuse that is good enough. The true answer is that deep down these people are just happy existing and ready to drink there cool aid. So I challenge you to dig inside yourself and keep up the fight to be one of the elite and in shape. Avoid the snares of simply existing and take it to the next level. Get passionate and stay that way. LIVE DON'T SETTLE FOR JUST BEING ALIVE!!! Keep tuned in and tell your friends to stay informed and motivated.