Thursday, January 24, 2013

HURRY UP AND DIE!!??How about hurry up and train!!!

Has it come to a point were people are so lazy and ignorant that they have to just lay around and die of inactivity and laziness? I was looking at the news and apparently one of the political figures of Japan wants all the old people of his country to "hurry up and die" if they are sick. How about this mister politician. How about you take some of those resources and use them to influence these "old sick people" to not be so old and sick. As they say an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure!! So instead of treating your hospitals like human dog pounds you can make your people have a good quality of life. As most of us who train understand a lot of these so called wasting diseases are caused by poor diet and lack of good exercise. So make incentives to keep people exercising after retirement so they just don't wast away and become a "liability" on society. There are plenty of people that are not old by the way that meet this "liability" status as well. So why stop at the old and sick? How about the obese and out of shape? My point is simple to people everywhere just wake up and smell that rich robust coffee. Stop being so apathetic, lazy and inactive. If you are retired you are not retired from life. Get out and exercise and train. Make these politicians that are baking in their own greed eat there words. Then they will be the ones that are sitting around wasting away from stressing over trivial nonsense in their corrupt heads. Then we can put them down and move forward to a better tomorrow. I guess in closing everybody's physical health and fitness is their own responsibility. If you want to get so out of control that it takes a team of doctors and the government financing to keep you alive what do you expect? So stop buying all these fancy toys and wiping your fancy car with a diaper and get in the gym. Because health and fitness is more precious than any thing else. If you are too sick to enjoy the toys what do they mean anyway. Keep tuned in and use this blog as the tool created it to be.