Sunday, February 17, 2013

What is a super set vs. a drop set?

I was at the gm today and there was some confusion as to what a drop set was. Some of the people thought it was going really heavy and some of them thought it was doing a super light set after a normal one. As I overheard them talk I couldn't let them remain so confused. So I earned my good deed for the month and I told them what "drop setting" is. The proper way to conduct a drop set is done at the point of failure. Once your muscle has reached the point of failure then you slightly lower the weight and do a forced set. It is that simple. So naturally the next question was "what is a super set then?" A super set is simply doing a similar movement but an easier one following a hard one. For instance if you were doing flat benching for instance and wanted to super st it with machine flys what you would do is jump on the fly as soon as you finish the bench and do a quick set of flys. It is not the same movement nor is it necessarily light but it does affect the same muscle you are training. I really wish I made $60 an hour like these so called personal trainers. They sure do like putting people through circuit training. Until next time train hard and safe.