Monday, February 18, 2013

Building muscle starts with your mind!!!!

People have asked me for years what do you do for this? And how do you do that? Well I have a secret to tell all of them. Which if they are actually truthfully listening to me I have told anyone who has asked me. Building muscle, getting ripped and achieving your goals in the gym all starts in one place. It starts in your mind. That's right your mind not your brain. Your brain is an organ people your mind is you. You have to make a mental decision to stop all of this stupid cry baby excuses that most people cling to like crazy. If you want something you have to go get it. There are no short cuts so make yourself mentally strong against these pitfalls that most surrender to and take what you want. You have to refuse to accept failure and cling on to your goals even harder that those sorry excuses. Once you are able to tell your body no after a long day of work and able to still make it into the gym, your first step is already over with. Now all you have to do is to continue. Like I said before don't let the little stupid things that happen in life become so big in your perception of things. If you allow this magnification of weakness to happen in your mind what do you think your body will do. Of course it has to follow. Stay strong, train hard until next time.