Thursday, February 7, 2013

Natural training vs Steroids?

This thought will cross almost any athlete who is serious about their training. It is a very serous question to ask yourself. Should I use steroids or not? Well my answer to this question is simple. I would say no. Let me explain why. Most people who use steroids to enhance their gains are doing so because they are not doing so many other things right. I had a friend in high school who was jealous and envious of my maximum bench press. So he decided to use steroids to catch up. About two months later he did gain a little size and got stronger but he was still not following my advice on diet and recovery. He wound up in the hospital at 18 years old with a swollen prostate and the doctor telling him he must be trying to kill himself. And guess what? He still did not reach my maximum bench press at the time. When you approach training you have to look at it from two angles your genetics and your environment. My friend who I mentioned earlier did not have very good genetics. So he attempted a short cut with his environment by using steroids. He was playing Russian roulette with his health and lost. The bottom line is that your environmental surroundings will never defeat hard work and preparation. Taking these designer hormones is like filling a tire with a whole in it. Yeah you may gain several pounds of muscle. But where is the quality at? Plus if you attain it on your own you will maintain it and it wont disappear when you stop using the "drug". So the long and short of it is natural training is the only way to go. Work smart and train hard.