Saturday, February 23, 2013

Strength movments and variety in your training.

There is a huge movement right now towards variety type training styles. Just look at all these cross fit type training systems. They have you work out a variety of exercises and push yourself to fail. Although this is a good way to train and it will result in you getting in shape it only addresses two of the three types of muscle fibers. Te a and ab type fibers. It does not address the strength fibers much. So in other words it is good for endurance but not to good for strength. This does not mean it is not good or doesn't work it does work. It is just not as well rounded as I would like to train. What I would encourage you to do then is to incorporate some sort of strength training to go along with it. This will make it more well rounded. Remember variety is the spice of life. But this applies to all things including your training. The type of strength training I like to do is strong man. I enjoy the multi-joint movements and the raw strength that is required. I would encourage you to try it to spice up your routine and add some strength. I have include a picture of me doing log presses for an example.