Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The holistic/ processed diet dilemma

We have a serious problem in most developed countries in our world. The problem is what I have come to call the holistic dilemma. Time and time again it has been shown that a holistic diet rich in fruit and vegetables and lean good protein sources is the best way to go. But what do most Americans and other people living in developed countries do? We eat the most processed garbage our bodies can handle. Foods loaded with fat and empty calories. Then we sit and wonder why are there so many obese and sick people running around? Why are people getting sick at alarming rates? I have always said garbage in garbage out. I am not even considering how inactive these people have become. This issue just aggravates everything else I have already mentioned. If you don't believe me then ask yourself why so many older people that are healthy tote the benefits of fresh juice like Jack La lane and people of that sort? They know and feel the benefits of consuming nutrient dense holistic food. This does not mean that you can never have a hamburger ever again or eat anything processed. All this means is that you should not eat these things as your main source of nutrients. In other words you should not let processed, fatty, nasty food be the norm for your diet. Even if you are not obese yet why bother to eat that way with all the health risks? I know that I want a good quality of life and will continue to eat holistically. I also encourage everyone else to do the same. Go get a juicer and start eating more fruits and vegetables. Your body will thank you.

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