Monday, March 26, 2012

Cat sized rats? How about cow sized humans? Time to hit the gym!!!

I was reading the news online today and I saw how much attention was being given to these giant rats in the keys. They are a exotic breed of rat that was released in the Florida keys. So we set a few traps and lest some dogs go on them and we will be fine. What are we going to do about all the cow sized humans that are around? Lets get real for just one minute here. Obesity is literally killing our country as I write this article. There are more and more fast food addicted obese people being born every minute. We are literally eating our self's to death as a nation. We already have problems taking care of the baby boomer generation. What are we going to do with this generation of obese lazy people? Do your self your country and the human race a favor(including yourself) and stay healthy. Lets be honest I do not expect my lack of prep and planning to be someones problem. It's my problem. So what is their excuse?

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