Friday, August 2, 2013

What is the glycemic index?

I don't think too many people actually understand what the glycemic index has to do with them gaining fat. Well there are plenty of things that is has to do with our training and your diet. The first thing that should be noted is the ranking on the list of the carbohydrate in question. The more glycemic on the list the more insulin sensitive the carb is. If the carb is more simple and closer to a simple sugar than you will get a strong insulin release from the consumption of it. This is great to replace the glycogen that your body has burned during your workout but not so good if you are going to sleep. Your body will convert a lot of the sugar into fat. This is where the glycemic index can come into play. You simply change the kind of carbs that you eat at the time of day. Personally I do not eat any type of carbs at all after 6. That is because that fits my schedule. The only exception I have to this rule is if I am forced to train later in the day and then I will only consume sugary carbs to replace glycogen quickly. The problem with eating sugary cards or high glycemic carbs all the time is the insulin release. Insulin will make you store more fat than anything else in your body. So earlier in the day the low glycemic carbs are good and later in the day you should only consume the simple carbs just after your workout and that is it. The index simply lists these carbohyrates in order of how simple they are. This is gauged by there insulin response by your body. So if you use it to your advantage it can help you a lot. Don't forget to subscribe to us so you can follow us. Thanks.

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