Saturday, December 28, 2013

Myostatin inhibitors product review and explanation

I recently wrote an article about myostatin inhibitors and felt that I needed to write a second article to clarify some things. I listed the two different products for this and explained the types of compounds that they use to inhibit the myostatin. As far as the folistatin oral products go I am very skeptical still of these products and still think that the body breaks down all of the protein into amino acids therefore making the globular protein just another source of protein and not viable inhibitor.  The other product however (cystoseria canariensis)therte have been several products containing this extract (Myostim, FRACTION-C™, MYOZAP™ and CSP3™ to name a few. I did try the myostim product by Champion Nutrition. I did feel a good pump but the product also contained some other ingredients that were not inhibitors. I am still not sure if it as the combination or just the inhibitor that were causing these pumps. None the less the product did show some pretty good results for me. I think these effects may be because of the other ingredients or maybe some sort of placebo effect. As I said in my previous post the sceince does not lie and it says in the body the subjects tested had no decrease in myostatin levels. So before you go and burn your hard earned cash on such things as I did in the past do your homework. I tell it like it is and that is how this is.If you like that approach don't forget to follow us and check out our sponsors. Tell your friends to. Thanks.

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