Monday, February 2, 2015

Increase you Internet 3x speed for basically free! the truth!

Ok. So I watched this video on you tube.The video was about how to triple your Internet speed. In the video the guy taped three double as batteries to the cat cable feeding his router. He claimed and showed his speed increase.  Once again he claims it will be three times as fast.You can see the video below.
So just like most people with half a brain I think he is full of shit. Well the principle imposed is actually sound. So I actually tried this. Yes. I taped 4 AAA batteries to my cat cable feeding the router. Here are my results :

That is over 17 mbps faster than before at the same time of day. So is it true.  Heck no. Does it work? Yes. I have maintained consistently higher speeds since the update. So this might have been a joke or something originally or something. The joke is on them cause it works. Look at the pictures. 

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